Throat Mic Compatibility
For NT3, Black Ops 2, and GP3/GP3-X2 Throat Mic systems, an IASUS adaptor must be used to connect the throat-mic to a 2-way radio or phone. We do our best to keep the compatibility charts up-to-date, but if you do not see your audio device listed below, please contact us before purchasing.
MidlandMidland dual-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-B)
LXT420, LXT118, GXT2050, XT14, GXT991, LXT500, XT28, GXT700, CXT250, GXT225, XT18, GXT781, LXT380, LXT100, LXT535, LXT312, XT30, CXT280, GXT600, XT20, LXT101, LXT560, LXT315, XT511, GXT789, XT24, LXT385, GXT760, GXT1091, LXT600, LXT316, GXT881, LXT300, XT25, LXT326, GXT795, GXT5000, GXT310, LXT490, XT26, LXT328, GXT797, GXT2000, GXT745, XT27, GXT799, CXT240
All Models
GXT555, LXT320, GXT775, GXT750, G300M, LXT376, LXT310, GXT400, LXT335, GXT800, LXT435, LXT210, GXT565, LXT322, GXT756, GXT1000, GXT444, LXT340, GXT808, GXT710, GXT250, LXT440, LXT216, GXT785, LXT323, LXT380VP3, GXT757, GXT1050, GXT450, G223, LXT345, GXT850, GXT720, GXT255, LXT460, LXT276, LXT324, GXT635, LXT110, GXT500, GXT735, G225, LXT350, GXT300, LXT480, GXT650, LXT385VP3, LXT112, GXT760VP4, GXT200, LXT80, LXT318, GXT740, G226, LXT360, GXT900, LXT303, GXT656, LXT410, LXT114/114P, GXT550, LXT319, GXT771, G227, LXT365, GXT950, LXT490VP3, LXT305, GXT325, LXT330, GXT661
MidlandMidland dual-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-COB)
CB radios, XT series radios
MotorolaMotorola 2.5 mm single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-AMS)
Talkabout Series
T6210, T500, MR351, FV200, T7100, 280, T550, SX70, MR, T5725, T4525, T5410, EM1000R, T6400, T9600, 6800, T5620, T280, MH, MRMC 225R, T6220, T5000, FV300, T7150, 5512, T5500, SX700, MR 350R, T5800, T4550, T6500, T5412, EM102RO, T9680RSAME, 6900, T5625, T289, MH 230R, MS, T6222, T5200, FV500, T7200, 5520, T5522, SX700R, T4700R, MR 350R VP, T5820, T6530, T5420, Spirit GT, FR50, MJ, Talkabout 280, 7300, T5628, T4300, MS 35R, T6250, T5260, FV600, T7400, 5900, T5530R, SX750, T5920, T4800, MR 355R, FR60, T6550, T5422, Spirit GT+, MJ 270R, 7600, T5700, T4500, T6300, T5300, SX800, FV700, T7450, 6000, T5532, T5950, T4900, MR 356R, FRS50, T6600, T5428, SX500, MJ270R, 7700, T5710, T4502, RT210, EM, T6310, T5320, T5550, SX900, MB 140R, FV800, T8500, 6100, T6200, T4905, MR350, FRS60, T7000, 270, T5432, SX600, MJ430R, XTR446, 7800, T5720, T4508, EM1000, T6320, T5400, T9500, 6700, T5600, SX920, MC 220R, FY500
MotorolaMotorola single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-CIAM)
TETRA Series
MTH650, MTH800, MTH850, MTP850, MTH600
MotorolaMotorola dual-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-AMD)
Professional Series
BR250, RDU4100, CT120, MV22CV, SP21, MU11C, XV2100, GTI, XT420, CP185, P450, XU1100, CLS110, RDU4160, CT150, P040, RDM2020, SP50, MU21CV, GTX, XT460, CP200, XU2100, GP68, DTR410, CLS1110, RDV2020, P080, HT850, CT250, RDM2070D, XTN446, CP220, MU22CV, GP2000, PR400, XU2600, DTR550, CLS1410, RDV2080D, P110, CT450, RDU2020, XTN500, CP240, MV11C, GP280, VL130, PRO3150, XU4100, GP88, DTR650, CP100, RDV5100, P1225, LTS2000, CT450LS, RDU2080, GP350, CP300, MV12C, XTN600, GP300, VL50, XV1100, CP110, P1225LS, BPR40, RDU2080D, CP88, MV21C, GP308, SP10, XV1400, CP150, P200
MotorolaMotorola multi-pin (YJSN-3101)
Professional Series
GP380, MTX850, HT1550XLS, PRO9150, GP320, GP1280, GP640, MTX850LS, HT750, GP328, GP140, GP338, GP680, GP340, HT1250, MTX9250, MTX8250, HT1250LS, PRO5150, MTX950, MTX8250LS, GP360, HT1550, PRO7150
MotorolaMotorola multi-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-MHT)
Professional Series + AT335 (adaptor)
XTS5000, MTS2000, XTS1500, MTS838, XTS2250, PR1500, MTX900, MTX-LS, XTS2500, HT1000, MTX9000, MTX8000, JT1000, XTS3000, MT1500, XTS3000 Astro, MT2000, GP900, XTS3500, MTX960, GP9000
MotorolaMotorola multi-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-MTRBO)
DP4800, XPR 6500, DP3600, XiR P8628, DGP5550, DP4801, XPR 6550, DP3601, XPR 4500, APX2000, DGP6150, XPR 6580, DP4400, XPR 6100, APX6000, DGP8050, XPR 7350, DP4401, XPR 6300, APX7000, MTP830 S, DGP8550, XPR 7380, XPR 6350, APX7000SE, DP4600, DP3400, XPR 7550, DGP4150, DP4601, XPR 6380, MTP850 S, DP3401, XIR P8620, XPR 7580, DGP5050
MotorolaMotorola 3.5 mm single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-F)
Droid Razr
All Models
KenwoodKenwood dual-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-CK)
US Series
TK360G, TK-3300UP PROTALK, TH41AT, TH-F6A, TK248, TH27, TK340, TH55, Protalk TK2102, TK308, TH21BT, TK370, TK-3302UK, TH41BT, TK-2160, TK250, TK340D, TK-3160, TH28, TH77, TK3100 Protalk, TH22, TK370G, TK-3360, TH42, TK-2170, TK260, TK348, TK-3170, TH315, TK208, TH78, TK3101 Freetalk XL, TH225, TH45, FreeTalk, TK430, TK260G, TK-2300, TH-K20A, TK350, TK-3173, TH31AT, TK220, TH79, TH-D72A, TK3130 Protalk XLS, TH235, TH46, FreeTalk XL, TK431, TK270, TK-2300VP, TH205, TK353, TK-3230XLS PROTALK, TH31BT, TK240, THG71, TH25, TK3131 Freetalk XLS, TH47, Pro-Talk, TK270G, TK-2302VK, TH215, TK360, TK-3300, TH415, TK240D, TH26, TK320, TH48, Protalk TK2100, TK272, TK-2360, TH21AT
Europe/Australian series
TK-2140, TK-3140, TK-480, UBZ-LH68 YE, TK-260G(N)E, TH-F7E, TK-481, TH-22E, UBZ-LJ8 BE, TK-270G(N)E, TH-G71E, TH-42E, UBZ-LJ8 SLE, TK-280, TK-360G(N)E, UBZ-LJ8 YE, TK-290, TK-370G(N)E, TH-D7E, VC-H1, TK-3101, TK-380, UBZ-LH68 BE, TK-2107, TH-D7E(G2.0), TK-3107, TK-390, UBZ-LH68 SLE
CobraCobra dual-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-COB)
CXR-125, CXT-400, PR1000, CXR-725, FRS115, MR HH125, CXT-75, FRS250, PR1050, CXR-800, FRS120, PR900, CXT-90, FRS300, CXR-825, PR1100, FRS130, PR945, FRS305, CXR-900, PR2000, PR950, MRHH325 VP, FRS100, FRS307, CXR-925, FRS225, PR955, MRHH330 PFLT, CXR-425, FRS105, FRS310, CXT-225, FRS235, MRHH425 LIVP, CXR-700, FRS110, FRS315
CobraCobra 2.5 mm single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-AGAR)
PR245, PR4250, FRS237, PR3550, PR590, PR3000, PR4300, PR3575, MRHH100, PR3100, PR4700, PR375, MRHH200, PR3175, CXT85, PR4750, PR385, FRS132, PR3180, PR550, PR237, PR4000, PR350, PR560, PR240, PR4200, PR3500, PR580
EF JohnsonEF Johnson multi-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-MHT)
AN/PRC-127EF Series
All models'
511X, 512X, 514X, 518X, 51SL, 5000, 5100
7700 Series
All models
VertexVertex multi-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-AVTX)
All Models
VX200, VX500, VX510, VX520, VX520UD
YaesuYaesu 3.5 mm single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-AYSU)
All Models
VXF1, FT10, VX2R, VX130, VXF2, FT40, VX300, VX150, VXF20, FT50, VX400, VX160, FT50R, VX410, VX180, FT60, VX420, VX1R, VX10, VX5R, VX210, VX110
ICOMICOM single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-CI-S)
IC-F70, IC-4001 Series, F15, J12, IC-F3021S, F3GS, IC-F4161 Series, F4S, 4088A, IC-T70E, IC-F3000, F25, F4021T, IC-F80, IC-4088A, F20, M5, IC-F3021T, F3S, IC-F43TR, F4TR, F10, ID-31A, IC-F3001, F3, F4026, IC-F9011 Series, IC-4101D, F21, U12, IC-F3026 S, F4, H2, F11, F3021S, ID-80AD, IC-F3001 Series, F43, IC-F9021 Series, IC-91A, F21S, U16, IC-F3103D, F4001, IC-F50V, H6, F11S, IC-F3002, F31, ID-U82, IC-F4000, F43G, IC-GM1600, IC-92AD, F22, IC-F3161, F4002, F14, IC-3011, ID-V80, IC-F3011, F33, IC-F4011 Series, F4G, IC-F14, F24, IC-F3161 Series, F4011, IC-3011 Series, F14S, IC-F60V, ID-V82, IC-F3021, F33G, IC-F4021, F4GS, 4008, IC-T70A, IC-F24, F24S, F4021
All Models
IC-F3G (reversed angle plug) with 2 screws F21, IC-F3G with reversed angle 2-pole plug, IC-F50, IC-F3G with reversed angle 3-pole plug, IC-F60, IC-F3G (reversed angle plug) with 2 screws F11
GarminGarmin 2.5 mm single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-AGAR)
All Models
RINO 610, RINO 120, RINO 650, RINO 130, RINO 520, RINO 520HCX, RINO 530, RINO 530HCX, RINO 110
SamsungSamsung single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-F)
Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S, Galaxy, i9000, Nexus S
Apple iPhoneiPhone 3.5 mm single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-F)
All Models
All generations of iPhone including 6 and 6 Plus
LGLG 3.5 mm single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-F)
All Models
Optimus 2
For PCFor PC dual mic earphone cable dual-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-D)
Any PC
For XboxFor Xbox 2.5 mm single-pin (IA-ADP-NT3-E)
Cordless phones, Xbox
500K Compatibility
The 500K PTT Headset is shipped with different plugs to accommodate different audio device connections. You will need to verify your phone brand when placing an order. Please ensure that the model number of your audio device is listed below. We do our best to keep the compatibility charts up-to-date, but if you do not see your audio device listed below, please contact us before purchasing.
MotorolaMotorola 2.5 mm single
T5522, T5600, T6200, T280, T289, T5200
MotorolaMotorola dual
GP300, GP308, P0801, GP68, P110, GP88, P1225, GP88S
MotorolaMotorola multi
DGP6150, XPR 6500, DP4800, MTP830 S, DGP8050, XPR 6550, DP4801, DGP8550, XPR 6580, MTP850 S, DP3400, XPR 7350, APX2000, XIR P8620, DP3401, XPR 7380, APX6000, XiR P8628, DP3600, XPR 7550, APX7000, XPR 4500, DP3601, XPR 7580, APX7000SE, XPR 6100, DP4400, DGP4150, XPR 6300, DP4401, DGP5050, XPR 6350, DP4600, DGP5550, XPR 6380, DP4601
MotorolaMotorola single
MTP850, P2000, MTH600, MTH650, MTH800, MTH850
MotorolaMotorola 3.5 mm single
Visar Series, All Models
SamsungSamsung single
Galaxy S4, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3
SamsungSamsung 3.5 mm single
Nexus S, Galaxy, Galaxy S
Apple iPhoneiPhone 3.5 mm single
All generations of iPhone including 6 and 6 Plus
BlackBerry 3.5 mm single
Curve 8330, Curve 8520, Curve 8900, Pearl 8110, Pearl 8120, Pearl 8130, Pearl Flip, Bold 9000, Pearl Flip 8220, Curve 8300, Pearl Flip 8230, Curve 8310, Storm 9500, Curve 8320, Storm 9530, Tour 9630
KenwoodKenwood dual
TK360, TK370, Protalk TK2100, Protalk TK2102, TK-2140, TK-3140, TK-380, TK-480, TK250, TK260, TK270