The IASUS Noise Terminator series is currently one of the premier quality throat mic communication systems on the market today. Our products meet the standards that are demanded by military personnel and other specialized clients. Our Noise Terminator Sniper PRO model is the personal choice of members of special operations and infantry currently serving in the Middle East. Other specialized clients include the US Marines, US Army, US Navy, various Special Operations training facilities, Emergency Response Units, SWAT teams, and Sheriff departments.

Due to multiple requests and inquiries from the military and special government agencies, the IASUS development team has been engineering an all new system with one goal - to set a new standard in throat mic communication. Designed with advanced materials currently used for fighter planes and formula one racing, this military spec model will meet the requirements of even the most extreme conditions.

If you are a military personnel or represent a government department or specialized training facility, we can accommodate customization requests specifically for your application. Please contact us for more information.