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IASUS Concepts Introduces 500K Headset Solution for Smartphone Conferencing (June 2011)

Contact: Maria Cole

Acoustic Coil Earpiece Makes IASUS 500K a Radiation-Safe Headset Solution

Unique design adapted from Secret Service headsets makes the 500K the best solution for radiation-free communications.

Spring 2011- Last week the WHO/IARC released a monograph classifying the use of cell phones as "possibly carcinogenic to humans." Though the effects of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones and other electronics are still unclear, alarmed cell phone users are now seeking a radition-free solution. One of the most commonly touted solutions is the use of a headset. However, most headsets, both wired and Bluetooth, still situate radiation-emitting components near the user's head. IASUS Concepts' 500K professional headset series, however, offers a truly risk-free headset for those concerned about cell phones and their health.

The 500K Headset's unique design was adapted from the tactical headsets used by the Secret Service to remove radiation-emitting components from the vicinity of the brain. Using an acoustic coil earpiece to channel sound from a collar-mounted speaker to the ear, the 500K allows users to lead lives of constant connectivity without having to worry about the possible carcinogenic risk of their cell phones.

The 500K's lightweight acoustic coil rests securely and comfortably in the ear without occluding the ear canal. With no electronic components sitting in the ear, the 500K Headset reduces the risk of mechanical overheating and exposure to radiation. It also features a noise-reducing unidirectional microphone and a durable answer/end call button.

The 500K Headset is compatible with the majority of mobile phones on the market, including BlackBerry®, iPhone®, and smartphone models by Motorola, Samsung, and others. It requires no installation, charging, pairing, or assembly and comes with an industry-leading 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The MRSP for the 500K Headset is 99.00 USD. For more information, please contact IASUS Concepts at

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