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REVIEW : NT3 Throat Mic on Tactical Hobby YouTube Channel
Tactical Hobby review on the NT3 Throat Mic
"...this is a very nice communication accessory for airsoft or any other tactical sport..."
PRESS : NT3 Throat Mic on Giz Mag
Giz Mag review on the NT3 Throat Mic
NT3 Handsfree Solution for When the Top is Down
REVIEW : NT Sniper Throat Mic on Airsoft Retreat
Airsoft Retreat  review on NT Sniper Throat Mic
"Having tried an assortment of these earpieces and boom microphones and never being completely satisfied, I'm confident that that NT Sniper is a far superior device in just about all criteria."
REVIEW : Black Ops 2 Throat Mic on Redwolf Airsoft Review on the Black Ops 2 Throat Mic
" It's worth every penny you pay for this... It is so adaptable you can use it for a large variety of situations and offers you such clarity and allows you to transmit your messages with minimal ambient noise."
REVIEW : NT Throat Mic Review on Lone Star Airsoft
LoneStar Airsoft Review on the NT Throat Mic
"Being a throat mic, I was expecting somewhat poor quality on my transmissions.Surprisingly, this was not the case."
REVIEW : Mobile Amp on Maximum PC
Maximum PC Review on the Mobile Amp
"When you pair good headphones with a good amp, you don't need to blast your eardrums to smithereens to get achieve a satisfying listening experience, and that's where the lithium-polymer Mobile Amp comes in."
REVIEW : NT Throat Mic is T3 Gold Award Winner
T3 Gold Awar Winner: NT Throat Mic
T3 Gold Award Winner "So good you can make yourself heard in a nightclub on New Years Eve. Essential for bikers, and a smart piece of kit for everyone else."
REVIEW : NT3 Black Ops 2 Throat Mic on The Tactical Survivor Blog
Tactical Survivor Blog Review on the NT3 Black Ops 2 Throat Mic
"Overall I dont see why everyone hasn’t already bought one of these because as I said before, communication is the most powerful tool you will have on the battlefield."
PRESS : Diablo Mobile Amp on Slash Gear Review on the Diablo Amp
iAsus Diablo mobile amp breaks cover
REVIEW : Diablo Mobile Amp on Review on the Diablo Amp
"The Iasus "Diablo" Mobile Amp increases the volume available from an electronic device such as an MP3 player or radio. It can pump up the volume by 50% with a 15 dB boost, so be careful -- you can damage your hearing and ruin your earbuds at the same time! "
REVIEW : GP3X2 Throat Mic System on Review on the GP3X2 Throat Mic System
"The Iasus GP3X2 helmet headset system is an extremely viable solution for those who do not need, or want all the latest bells 'n' whistles -- wired or wireless. Well designed and well made, each component complements the other, forming a very functional system with impressive audio quality. "
REVIEW : 500K Headset on Coolest Gadgets
Coolest Gadgets Review on the 500K Headset
"Good thing IASUS intends to show the world just what they can do with the 500K, where it has certainly gone through a whole lot of thoughtful design and engineering before rolling off the production line."
REVIEW: Sniper PTT on Arnie Airsoft
Arnie Airsoft Review on the Sniper PTT
"To perfect the already versatile construction of the Sniper PTT, IASUS has incorporated a new MOLLE-spec “TIGER Clip” which can be mounted to the underside of the PTT with high-adhesion 3M Velcro. The clip, also made of magnesium alloy, allows for virtually any tactical positioning according to user preference. "
PRESS: GPX3 Helmet Speaker System on Cycle World
Cycle World Review on GPX3 Helmet Speakers
IASUS GP3-X2 Helmet Audio System – New Product Ideas
PRESS : 500K Headset on Men's Health: Father's Day Gift Guide
Father's Day Gift Guide by Men's Health
"This is by far the coolest we’ve seen: a headset built to “FBI-spec technology” that discreetly hides the nearly weightless, clear and coiled earpiece cable behind your ear, just like the Special Agents wear them."
REVIEW : 500K Headset on iLounge
iLounge Review on the 500K
"As is understood by the Secret Service operatives who wear such headsets all the time, it’s the opposite of Apple’s earphones: initially invisible, but when people do see it, they’ll know what it means."
REVIEW : NT Sniper Throat Mic on Planet Airsoft review on NT Sniper Throat Mic
"The overall quality, fit and finish of the throat mic and the accessories are top notch and the background noise reduction is simply amazing and highly effective. The standard features and innovative design makes the Sniper PRO a sure winner that stands out of the crowd."
REVIEW : NT2, Sniper Pro, and Dual Comm on APG
APG Review on the NT2, Sniper Pro, Dual Comm
"Field tests found the IASUS systems effective, comfortable, flexible, and overall, a good choice for scenario gaming."
REVIEW : NT Throat Mic on Review on the NT Throat Mic
"I can't say Enough About these Mics, Very Comfortable, Excellent Transmission and Receiving, no Repeating yourself over and over."
REVIEW : NT Throat Mic on Airsoft Canada
Airsoft Canada Reviews on the NT Throat Mic
"I've had a chance to use the unit in two games now and i'm really quite impressed... on the field the throat mic set up is EXCELLENT."