Dual Comm Radio System Dual Comm Radio SystemDual Comm Radio System

Dual Comm Radio System

The IASUS Dual Comm Radio is a unique 4-way UHF radio communication device designed to optimize use of IASUS NT3 Throat Mic Systems.

The IASUS Dual Comm Radio can simultaneously monitor and communicate with two independent groups of 2-way radio frequencies - perfect for coordinating multiple independent communication groups.

Unlike standard recreational grade 2-way radios, the Dual Comm Radio has the power and the durability to perform for the user who requires reliable communications equipment.

Model No: IAWWDC
Category: Radio

The Dual Comm Radio System is the world's first commercial portable 2-way radio that is able to operate on two different 1/2 duplex systems, effectively rendering it a 4-way radio.

US Military Standards Meets U.S. military standards for shock, vibration, and rain & dust; ensuring its ability to perform in rigorous work environments.
CTCSS: Continuous Tone-Codes Squelch System 50 CTCSS: Ensures that users only receive audio signals from their own group for clearer, improved communication.
DQT The decoder and encoder functions offer a dual group digital paging code which is assignable to any channel. An incoming message is signaled with audible and visible alert.
MOS FET Final-Stage Power Amplifier The transistor design increases both power and efficiency.
Busy Channel Lockout The lockout feature improves channel management by preventing transmission if another talk group is already on the air.
Channel Spacing Channel scanning provides users with an easy way to monitor multiple channels for activity. The priority scan enables the radio to automatically check for activity on an important main channel during the channel scan sequence, while at the same time receiving a call on another non-priority channel.
Scan with Priority (Option) 12.5 / 25KHZ compatible
Weather Resistant Die-cast aluminum chassis
Working Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Range 5km
Battery Rechargeable lithium battery
Key Pad Backlit key pad
Weight 8 oz (220 g) including lithium battery
Dimensions 59mm (W) x 119mm (H) x 34mm (D)
Frequency Range 136-174MHz 350-390MHz, or 400-470MHZ (only one set of frequency per radio)
Operating Voltage DC 7.2V
Operate Mode Simplex or Semi-duplex
Output Power 4W
Normal/Inverted Selectable 104DCS
Programmable Groups 128 Groups
FM Rado Built-in FM Radio Receiver
Scrambler Yes
Transmitter Frequency stability ±2.5ppm
Output power ≤5W
Max Frequency Deviation ≤5KHz
Audio Distortion ≤5%
Modulation Character +3dB ∼ -3dB
Adjacent Channel Power ≥65dB
Spurious Radiation ≤7.5µW
Occupied bandwidth ≤16KHz
Receiver RF Sensitivity <0.20µV
Audio distortion ≤5%
Audio response +2dB ∼ -10dB
Adjacent channel selectivity ≥60 dB
Intermodulation rejection ≥60 dB
Spurious response ≥60 dB
Blocking ≥85dB
Voltage Universal 110V to 240V
Dual Comm Radio 4-way UHF radio communication device
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Charger Portable Charger
Antenna Yes

It is an ideal radio for use in MilSim activities such as paintball and airsoft, on worksites, during emergency and law enforcement operations, and for extreme sports applications. It is highly recommended for use with IASUS Noise Terminator Throat Mic systems.



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